Injectable steroids

Safety regulations

Absolutely all of injections there is one very important rule: the needle fully administered into the muscle can not, though, a couple of millimeters should be left out, so that in case of breakup of the needle, you can get a splinter forceps, without the help of a surgeon. Also, today many people are afraid of embolism. Practice shows that the embolism with injections of steroids – an extremely rare phenomenon, and you and she can hardly run, but for the most cautious there is an option to completely prevent embolism. It is necessary to pull the plug (in other words, pull the piston itself), when the needle is already in a muscle: if the blood came – just change the needle position and check again, you can also chop again. If the solution has got blood – injection carry along with it. If you drew off the plunger and the piston has returned to its place, or inhaled air – boldly put, for the air that can get into the syringe do not worry, a deadly air intramuscular dosage exceeds 100 cubic meters.

Secrets and Tips

There are a few secrets of how to make the injection less painful, as well as to improve their effect:

  • Before the injection of any steroid medication should be carefully warmed in the hand.
  • After the injection, the injection site is recommended to warm the hot water in the shower, and then apply a compress, it will greatly reduce the chances of occurrence of infiltrates.
  • If there has been the infiltration – Naprof receive a dosage of 550 mg per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • Very good produce local steroid injections in the muscle, which will train, it gives an excellent Pumping.
  • To make the round of the delta, it is necessary to introduce during the injection needle from the top – down, but to a sufficient depth.
  • If the oil entering is very tight and slow, it costs a little to change the needle position, because there is a risk that it fell into the vessel.
  • In no case can not be mixed oil-based preparations and suspensions, it will lead to abscesses.

The best places for injections

Contrary to popular belief, the best places for injections are not the gluteal muscles, they are most useful when you inject produces another person, if the injection is carried out on their own, it is best to choose the hips and shoulders. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos about the fact, how to do the injection of steroids, it is worth to add that the shoulders (namely the average delta) – the most convenient place for the injections, because there are very few blood vessels and virtually no nerve bundles, in addition, to put injection there is very convenient. The hip is put not so practical as there are many vessels and is a lot of nerve bundles, which can significantly increase the pain of injections. Also, a great option would be an injection of steroids into the chest muscle, however, if you have not developed sufficiently, do not do this, because if enough deep introduction of the substance is likely abscess.

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